Trip to Mumbai, India.

This is my unplanned trip to Mumbai to send my sister that being posted for a job there.

June to early October is a monsoon season in India but fortunately the last 4 days I was there, it only rain heavily in the early morning and in the evening.

Some tips for visitor… if for a short trip… buying a prepaid SIM card is a waste of time. India have a very strict rule for foreigners using prepaid phone line… a lot of paperworks… most Malaysian working here use locals to buy the SIM card.

When driving, you’ll received a lot of honking… not because they mad at you but they want to go through… they don’t use signal. Also… brace yourself for the Mumbai crazy traffic!

Use Autorick to move around Mumbai especially in suburb (autorick is prohibited in South Mumbai). Autorick rider seem to be more honest than taxi driver.

Mumbai has large Muslim community… so halal foods are easier to find.

All images shot with Panasonic LX7 ( Highly recommended compact camera for travelers who want to travels light. Fast lens (F1.4) and very responsive and most importantly have full manual control similar to DSLR.