Samsung Galaxy S10e – Camera Test

After 3 months of using this phone, I absolutely love it especially the camera and particularly the wide angle camera. All smartphone in 2019 must have a wide angle camera.

I’ve owned Samsung Galaxy S3 and then upgraded to Galaxy S6, after about 5 years it’s about time to upgrade to new phone. Since I so used with the S3 and S6 size, I opted to pre-order the S10e. Furthermore, I refused to spend more than RM3k for a phone and I don’t miss the zoom camera on S10.

The camera… is AMAZING! I love what Samsung done to it especially on S10e. Samsung put all the same camera sensor on all 3 variants, the quality on S10e camera is exactly the same as S10 and S10+.

The best thing about the camera is how well the phone control the exposure and the HDR is very effective. I even wish this computational photography existed on my DSLR.  Photo below show how great S10e at controlling the exposure vs Nikon D600 without post processing.

Low light also amazing, it become more amazing with the current update when Samsung give a “manual” Night Mode features where at launch Night Mode only available thru AI scene detection. However, the Night mode on extremely dark photo is not as good as Huawei and Pixel phone.

Off course the best single thing as you can see from all the photo above is the 16mp ULTRA WIDE ANGLE and it is a great quality wide angle sensor.

I’ve no shame to put the wide angle photo from this phone side by side with any DSLR I’ve owned. Ultra wide angle alone is the reason I’m eager to upgrade my phone even though my S6 is still in good condition.

The 10mp front selfie camera is also great but what I missed from S6 was the wide selfie camera function similar to panorama. The live focus is another great feature and the bokeh separation between subject and background is quite accurate.

The video functions are amazing, it can shoot 4k at 60fps and up to 240fps at 1080p. But what I like the most is the Super Steady Mode. A gimbals like video just by handheld. The only downside of super steady shot, it can only shoot in 30fps. Video below shows how great the super steady shot is.

This is a great smartphone with an excellent camera.

All photo shot in auto mode with HDR on. No edit and no cropping, just watermarking.

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