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Bangsaray, Pattaya

My recent visit to Bangsaray, Pattaya while attending World Paintball Championship 2019. Bangsaray is about 30 minutes or around 24km from Pattaya City. Bangsaray is like Teluk Cempedak or Cherating and Pattaya City is like Kuantan.

Bangsaray is a quiet place, the beach is the main attraction, as for Muslim, quite hard to find Halal food… the best place to get Halal food is at 7 Eleven.

I stayed at Costa Village Resort. The resort it self about 500 meter from the beach. To move around Bangsaray you can either rent a car, a bike, free bicycle offer by the hotel, taxi or just used Grab. Grab is easy and the waiting time is very short.. but the fare is expensive especially with our current exchange rate. Less than 2km the fare would be around RM28… and to go to Pattaya City the fare is a whopping RM95 one way… two way the price is nearly the price of my flight ticket to Pattaya.

I like to go again to Pattaya, but this time I want to stay at Pattaya City. 

All images were shot with Samsung Galaxy S10e.

[Video] WPC 2019 – Bangsaray, Pattaya.

This is the World Paintball Championship (WPC) 2019 held at Bangsaray Public Park in Pattaya from 29 November to 1 December 2019.

Over 30 teams and hundreds of players from all over the world such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Tahiti, Australia, Belgium, Taiwan, United States, Japan and many others participates in 4 Divisions, Nations Cup, Open, Division 2 and Division 3.


Nation Cup
1st – Belgium
2nd – Thailand
3rd – Taiwan
4th – Singapura Select

Open Division
1st – KTM X-Bow (Malaysia)
2nd – PB King (Thailand)
3rd – Duckside Aisawan (Malaysia)
4th – Breakout Asia Express (Belgium)

Division 2
1st – UPBL All Stars (Belgium)
2nd – Nitamago (Japan)
3rd – OctoSquad (Indonesia)
4th – Dragon Aisawan (Thailand)

Division 3
1st – Speed Overshoot (Thailand)
2nd – Outlaws Uprising (Singapore)
3rd – Tubchang Utd (Thailand)
4th – Sattahip Aisawan (Thailand)

Congratulations to all the winners.

Photo gallery of the event

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