Penang Street Art – Fujian 35mm F1.7 Lens Test

Just bought a cheap nifty manual CCTV lens, The Fujian 35mm F1.7. Read some great reviews about this lens and on how interesting the lens characteristic are.

The lens were meant for CCTV and for the old 16mm video recorder, however its start getting popular with the rise of mirrorless camera. Since the sensor on mirrorless camera is closer to the lens mount, with adapter the lens is very much functional. What you don’t have is the auto focus and exposure data.

The characteristic of this lens are, center sharpness, soft edges and on some lighting condition a white halo in the middle that create a dreamy looks. The bigger the camera sensor the bigger portion of soft edges and the smaller portion of the center sharpness. Using on the DSLR is not recommended because the sensor is farther away from the lens mount and you may not obtain focus.

After using this lens, I am starting to love it and on how it handles. The focus ring is very smooth and with the help of Lumix GM1 peaking focus, manual focus is a breeze. The weight and the size are perfect for the GM1. Love the color rendition produce by this lens.

I bought the lens from HERE. The lens have two version the one with 6 blade aperture and with 12 blade aperture which I bought. The adapter is very important, some adapter is too thick that when mount to your camera it wont focus infinity or can not focus past 5-6 feet. The one I bought got no such issue. The package come with 2 close up ring for your macro photography needs.

If you got the time to visit Penang, make a trip to Georgetown to see these street art exhibition. This LINK here will guide you to all the arts. My advice is to visit early in the morning around 8am on weekend before the street got heavy traffic. Due to the constant development, some of the arts are no more there.