Delihea REST: Custom Bike Build

This is my 2nd bike build, the 1st build was a gravel bike. Frame was bought from Aliexpress and the bike geometry is 90% similar to Specialized Tarmac SL6. It takes around 2 months to received the frame from the initial order.

Frame: Delihea REST (Size 56)
– Shifter, RD & FD – Shimano Ultegra R8000
– Crank Arm & Rim Brakes – Shimano 105 R7000
– Chainring – Rotor Qrings Oval 50/34
– Cassette – Sunshine 11-34T
– Chain – KMC X11 SL
– Bottom Bracket – Shimano Ultegra SM-BBR60

– Rims – Carbon 50mm (Enve sticker)
– Tires – Goodyear Eagle Sport 28c
– Skewers – Prolite (Titanium)
– Dropbar – Toseek (carbon) 440mm
– Stem – Kocevlo SL (carbon) 90mm
– Bike Computer – XOSS G+
– Front Light – Rockbros
– Headset – Delihea
– Spacers – FISHSTICK (Carbon)

Saddle: GUB Power Saddle
Seatpost: Delihea (carbon)
Pedal: Shimano Deore XT PD-M8100
Rear Light: Rockbross Samurai Q3
Bartape: Supacaz (copy)
OSPW: Racework Ceramics
Cables & Housing: Jagwire
Bottle Cages: Bontrager XXX (carbon)

Custom Gravel Bike Build

This is my first ever custom bike build. A gravel bike inspired by Harley-Davidson Serial 1. The build is for educational purpose to enhance my knowledge in bicycle maintenance and troubleshooting. 

The total assembling process took about 20 hours, simply by trial and error. Few mistakes made that cost me lost of hours and couple of trips to my local bike shop to replace parts.

Further improvement will be made to this one of a kind gravel bike.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – Camera Test

After 3 months of using this phone, I absolutely love it especially the camera and particularly the wide angle camera. All smartphone in 2019 must have a wide angle camera.

I’ve owned Samsung Galaxy S3 and then upgraded to Galaxy S6, after about 5 years it’s about time to upgrade to new phone. Since I so used with the S3 and S6 size, I opted to pre-order the S10e. Furthermore, I refused to spend more than RM3k for a phone and I don’t miss the zoom camera on S10.

The camera… is AMAZING! I love what Samsung done to it especially on S10e. Samsung put all the same camera sensor on all 3 variants, the quality on S10e camera is exactly the same as S10 and S10+.

The best thing about the camera is how well the phone control the exposure and the HDR is very effective. I even wish this computational photography existed on my DSLR.  Photo below show how great S10e at controlling the exposure vs Nikon D600 without post processing.

Low light also amazing, it become more amazing with the current update when Samsung give a “manual” Night Mode features where at launch Night Mode only available thru AI scene detection. However, the Night mode on extremely dark photo is not as good as Huawei and Pixel phone.

Ramadhan Street Outing 2016

Testing the Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C gimbal with the Yi Action Cam (Version 1). The action cam was mounted on the Zhiyun GoPro adapter plate mount.

The Yi camera was hacked with Yi Control Script to enable the saturation, auto exposure and white balance control in order to make it easier to color grade the footage later.

Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C:

GoPro plate mount:

Yi Control Script:

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Camera Test

All pictures take with auto mode with some of it with HDR Auto. This is an ISOCELL sensor version. Samsung apparently release Galaxy S6 / Edge with 2 version of sensor The Sony IMX240 and Samsung ISOCELL.

The picture here are the edited version. For unedited version please visit my Facebook Page HERE.

The camera is very responsive, from display off the camera ready to take the shot less than 1 second by double clicking the home button.

The dynamic range and the exposure control is amazing for a camera phone. The auto focus is fast and highly accurate.

Galaxy S6 perform very well in low light night shots. Superb exposure control. To see the unedited night shots click HERE.

4K Video sample.

Penang Street Art – Fujian 35mm F1.7 Lens Test

Just bought a cheap nifty manual CCTV lens, The Fujian 35mm F1.7. Read some great reviews about this lens and on how interesting the lens characteristic are.

The lens were meant for CCTV and for the old 16mm video recorder, however its start getting popular with the rise of mirrorless camera. Since the sensor on mirrorless camera is closer to the lens mount, with adapter the lens is very much functional. What you don’t have is the auto focus and exposure data.

The characteristic of this lens are, center sharpness, soft edges and on some lighting condition a white halo in the middle that create a dreamy looks. The bigger the camera sensor the bigger portion of soft edges and the smaller portion of the center sharpness. Using on the DSLR is not recommended because the sensor is farther away from the lens mount and you may not obtain focus.

After using this lens, I am starting to love it and on how it handles. The focus ring is very smooth and with the help of Lumix GM1 peaking focus, manual focus is a breeze. The weight and the size are perfect for the GM1. Love the color rendition produce by this lens.

I bought the lens from HERE. The lens have two version the one with 6 blade aperture and with 12 blade aperture which I bought. The adapter is very important, some adapter is too thick that when mount to your camera it wont focus infinity or can not focus past 5-6 feet. The one I bought got no such issue. The package come with 2 close up ring for your macro photography needs.

If you got the time to visit Penang, make a trip to Georgetown to see these street art exhibition. This LINK here will guide you to all the arts. My advice is to visit early in the morning around 8am on weekend before the street got heavy traffic. Due to the constant development, some of the arts are no more there.

Panasonic Lumix GM1 – A Simple Review

I am not new to M4/3, used to own Olympus E-PL1 then sold it because needed a smaller camera for travelling. Bought Panasonic Lumix LX-7 then sold it because the low light performance is not that great. Nearly buy the Sony RX100 MKIII until I found a review for Panasonic GM1 by Blunty ( From this one review I seek another review and another and another, finally I own it! The camera is tiny, smaller than the RX100.

From the review, GM1 kit lens 12-32mm OIS is damn sharp and it really is. This is the best kit zoom lens in mirrorless world even better than kit lens in DSLR world. The camera internal like the sensor, image quality and video quality are taken from Panasonic GX7 and that is great. The low light performance is excellent.

I also bought the legendary Panasonic pancake 20mm F1.7 (used) lens and it really brought out the best of GM1. Very sharp, great bokeh and really small and light. Great Lens for Street Photography.

Video also great and there is a video test by EOSHD Community that GM1 video quality surpass its big brother The Panasonic GH3 and Nikon D5200 DSLR (

Many reviewers claimed the camera is hard to handle due to its small size. I really don’t have a problem with it and the touch screen really helpful. The battery life not so great, need to have a spare battery.

Tokina 17-35mm F4 PRO FX – Test Shot

I read many reviews from the internet that this lens is very soft wide open on every focal length. Well, glad to see that the lens I bought did not exhibit such issues.

The image below (click for full size) shows good center sharpness however softness exist on the edge. Barrel distortion is virtually none.

Image below show sharpness from edge to edge when stop down further.

Another picture at wide open focus at the lowest sign, still pretty sharp.

Wide open at 35mm.

Very satisfied with this lens with a price more than twice cheaper than the Nikkor 16-35mm VR F4. This lens has far better barrel distortion control than the Nikkor equivalent.

Images shot with Nikon D600. No digital imaging sharpness applied, some horizontal correction with highlight and shadow adjustment.

Kites – Panasonic Lumix LX-7

Outing at Taman Metropolitan, Kepong.

Testing the video capability of Panasonic Lumix LX-7 particularly on the 100fps slow mo.

The video quality quite low as compare to normal 720p 60fps. The 100fps only can be captured with 720p HD with no sound and automatically converted to 25fps slow motion footage.

Edited in Sony Vegas and color grading with Magic Bullet Looks.

MyCPS Studio – Sesi Fotografi Model Muslimah

My Creative Pixel Studio (MyCPS) baru melancarkan white studio kekalnya pada 1 April 2013 yang lepas. Bersempena dengan ini beberapa rakan jurufoto membuat satu sesi fotografi bertemakan model muslimah.

MyCPS white studio terletak di PV128 Danau Kota di dalam satu bangunan dengan Kampung Pengantin dan ditingkat yang sama, Level 3.

Studio ini dilengkapi dengan 6 lampu strob berkuasa 600 watts serta pelbagai alatan lain seperti softboxes, beauty dish, payung, radio trigger dan beberapa warna latar belakang. MyCPS juga menyediakan bilik persalinan dan solekkan serta bilik untuk bersolat.

MyCPS kini untuk waktu terhad menawarkan harga promosi pengenalan bermula dari RM80 untuk 3 jam. Jangan lepaskan peluang harga promosi tersebut dan gunakan studio yg selesa, besar & berhawa dingin untuk memahirkan diri dengan kreativiti kawalan lampu studio.

Untuk tempahan sila hubungi Aiman 012-3602384, Ajimz 019-3468684 atau Amb 012-2754917. Waktu operasi Isnin hingga Ahad 10 pagi sehingga 12 tengah malam.