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MPOC 2016 – 1st Leg Video

This is the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) 2016 held at Canyon Paintball, Bandar Utama. The tournament held for 2 days from 30th to 31st January 2016. This is the revival leg where MPOC have been absent from Malaysia paintball scene since 2014.

Here are the final standings:

Division 1
1. Nemesis
2. Raskal Malaysia
3. Xtioneers
4. Duckside

Division 2
1. KL Collide
2. Sin Army
3. Sakai
4. Simpsons

Division 3
1. Outlaws
2. Kamikaze Kings
3. Mambang Di Awan
4. Yin Yang

Division 4
1. Baby X-Bow
2. We Are Legion
3. Jabor Invasion
4. Suicide Squad

Congratulations to the winners.

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Xtioneers Malaysia Paintball Team

AXMEDIA presents Xtioneers Malaysia Paintball Team at the MPOC 2016, 1st Leg.

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