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ASEAN Paintball Championships 2017

The is the inaugural ASEAN Paintball Championships 2017 held at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur from 17th tp 19th Feb 2017.

The Full Result

Division 1
Champion NL Draco
1st Runners up : DRX Aisawan
2nd Runners up : Duckside Aisawan
3rd Runners up : Aisawan

Division 2
Champion : Grumpy Cocks
1dt Runners up : Imperia
2nd Runners up : Canyon Wise Guys
3rd Runners up : Waxers Legion

Division 3
Champion : WR1 Jalak Team Tact
1st Runners up : EJPC
2nd Runners up : Duckside X Aisswan
3rd Runners up : KPK

Division 4
Champion : Black CCP
1st Runners up : Mambang Jr
2nd Runner up : Reborn
3rd Runners up : Suicide Squad

Congratulations to all.

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