Singapore Paintball Series 2023 – Event 2

This is the Singapore Paintball Series 2023 Event 2 held at Red Dynasty Paintball Park from 3rd to 4th June 2023. Held together also Asia Girls Paintball International Championship with 6 all females paintball teams participate.

Overall there are 20 teams from Japan, Philippines Myanmar, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore with players from all over the world.


Champion – Outlaws Singapore
1st Runners Up – Tanjong Pagar Red Sevens Paintball Club – Singapore
2nd Runners Up – Team KU
3rd Runners Up – Imperia Singapore

Champion – Golden Dragon
1st Runners Up – Team Splatmasters Pilipinas
2nd Runners Up – Team Hellions – Singapore
3rd Runners Up – Outlaws Uprising

Champion – Keres
1st Runners Up – Fempire
2nd Runners Up – Sniper
3rd Runners Up – RPX

Congratulations to all winners!

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